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Flexibility Contortion Streching Online
"I am so passionate about flexibility and contortion that I enjoy teaching it." 
Amalia Mia Lang

About Mia

As a licensed physical therapist, Mia immediately immersed herself in the world of movement. Having practiced various sports before, from cheerleading to karate to dance, she discovered aerial and circus arts and later, the beautiful world of contortion and flexibility. Being licensed as a physical therapist, fitness and health coach, she studies physical and mental patterns, movements, and the biomechanics of flexibility and contortion. She now coaches flexibility and contortion, as well as pole dancing, and works professionally as an aerial artist and hair suspension artist.

She started her flexibility/contortion journey in 2019 in the age of 29, with that she knows the struggles of being an adult contortionist.

Amalia Mia Lang - Online Contortion Lessons
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