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Contortion training


Book a one-on-one personalized online or live private lesson to help you achieve your individual flexibility goals. We can work on different things with you, such as:

  • Assessing your current flexibility

  • Creating a training plan customized to your goals

  • Working on specific goals, such as pole dance, yoga, dance, other aerial arts, etc.

I offer 60-minute private lessons or 30-minute drop-in lessons. In the 60-minute lesson, we can go through warm-up exercises together and do some strength work to condition for your goals. Alternatively, we can conduct a flexibility assessment, or put together a choreography for contortion or pole floorwork, or a new routine for your flexy-goals. 30-minute drop-in lessons are perfect for working on a specific trick or topic.

Feel free to contact me to decide which lesson to book. Currently, I offer in-person private lessons at the Zero Gravity Pole Studio in Baumholder, Germany. However, I can also travel for workshops, etc. You can also come to my home for a contortion/flexibility intensive session.

60 Minute - Online / In-person Private Lessons 70€

30 Minute - Drop In Lessons 40€

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