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Active Flexibility Training and why it's so important for pole dancers. Pole Dance Blog

Today we´re going to look into the topic of active flexibility training, and why it should be a non negotiable for your pole dance training. Pole Dance Blog

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Actie Flexibility Training  in Art Of Heels Pole Dance
Active Flexibility Side Split

Active Flexibility, a method of training that engages and strengthens muscles during active stretches, is instrumental in enhancing the performance of dynamic movements. Movements such as fan kicks, vertical splits, and controlled transitions become more accessible and can be executed with increased ease and control. This form of training refines the effectiveness of these movements, thereby improving overall performance.

2. Prevention of Injuries

One of the significant benefits of Active Flexibility training is its role in injury prevention, especially in Pole Dance. It builds strength and stability around the joints, thereby reducing the risk of injuries, especially during more challenging tricks like twisted grip tricks. Additionally, it enhances body awareness and control, leading to safer execution of movements, thus providing an additional layer of safety during performances.

3.Development of Functional Flexibility

Active Flexibility focuses on improving the range of motion in ways that are directly applicable to heel pole dancing. This form of flexibility training targets specific muscles and movement patterns, which directly contributes to more efficient execution of pole tricks and transitions. It's not just about flexibility, but about developing functional flexibility that aids in the performance of specific movements.

Beautiful Pole Dance Jump that requires Active Flexibility
Beautiful Pole Dance Jump

4. Improvement of Performance Quality

Incorporating active flexibility training into practice can dramatically improve the quality of your performances. It leads to greater control, precision, and fluidity in your dancing and tricks. The outcome is a noticeable elevation in performance quality. Audiences will be captivated by the beautiful lines, extensions, and seamless transitions that become a hallmark of your performances.

5. Heightened Body Awareness

Active flexibility training requires and fosters a heightened level of body awareness. Dancers actively engage the muscles during stretches, leading to a deeper understanding of their bodies. This heightened body awareness allows you to fine-tune your technique, alignment, and movement execution. This deepened understanding and control of your body lead to improved overall performance and an enhanced dancing experience.

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