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How did a Southern California girl end up with a home pole studio in Germany? Online Pole - Part 1

How my pole dance journey began...

I practiced pole for about a year in 2018, attending classes in person in LA. In 2019, I took a break from pole and explored a different sport.

Pole Dancer trying online pole dance classes with zero gravity pole studio
Kaeli working on Pole Tricks with Mia

From a break, to Corona, to attempting online pole studio classes...

By mid-2020, I decided to return to pole, but unfortunately, most in-person classes had ceased. Attempting online classes from local studios, I faced limited options that matched my style. Realizing the flexibility of online classes, I broadened my search beyond LA-based studios, scouring Instagram for pole dancers whose styles inspired me.

I was looking for someone who matched my style...

Repeatedly drawn to Mia’s posts, I discovered she owned a studio offering online classes aligning with my schedule. Enrolling in these classes, I quickly fell in love with Mia’s pole and teaching style. Initially, I focused on these two classes, witnessing rapid improvement in my skills. I appreciated the diverse moves and varying difficulty levels. Surprisingly, Mia’s online corrections consistently helped me overcome challenges.

Pole Dancer trying Pole Dance Shapes in an Online Pole Studio Class
Pole Shape from the Online Pole Shapes Class with Mia

I decided to take it even a step further, is virtual competition and choreography training possible?!

Impressed, I asked Mia to choreograph a competition routine, marking the beginning of our weekly private “torture sessions.”

Stay tuned for the next part....

Written by Kaeli Flacinszki, Los Angeles, California

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