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How I started contortion...

You can't event do a bridge...

When someone asks me about my flexibility and contortion and how it all started, I remember this story vividly.

Amalia Mia Lang showing her bridge progress, Contortion and Flexibility Blog and Online Classes.
Amalia Mia Lang - Bridge Progress

At 14 years old, I was a cheerleader and really wanted to learn a back handspring. I went to my local gymnastics team where I used to train when I was younger and asked my old coach to teach me. However, when I approached her with my wish and question, she laughed and said, "But girl, you are so inflexible. You can't even do a bridge!" Those words struck me like a knife in the heart. They were so painful and intimidating, but they also sparked a fire in me to strive for success and prove that I could achieve anything I wanted. Honestly, I have had this mindset my whole life and it has not changed. I believe that if I want something badly enough and focus all my energy on it, I can achieve it.

Although I was not very flexible at the time, I could do a bridge, albeit not perfectly. Her words stayed with me, and I started stretching more often. Unfortunately, I stretched the wrong way for my cheerleading needs, focusing only on one side and passively stretching. This caused more damage than good, but it still helped me a bit.

Amalia Mia Lang and her cheststand progress, Online Contortion and Flexibility Classes and Blog
Amalia Mia Lang - Cheststand Progress

I couldn't get her words out of my head, and while I don't think anyone should say something like that to a child, it motivated me to prove her wrong. However, I didn't really get into flexibility until much later, after I quit cheerleading and opened my own pole dance studio. After about two years, I rekindled my desire to become more flexible, and started stretching myself without much knowledge. Unfortunately, I didn't make much progress.

Looking for a coach, who would train adults...

That's when Bella, one of the most influential people in my life, came into the picture. I searched the internet for coaches who would teach adults and found a rhythmic gymnastics coach who came to my studio one to two times a week. She built a ballet and flexibility foundation with me, and girl, let me tell you, I went through hell with her.

Though love...

She was a tough coach who drilled me relentlessly, and sometimes so hard that I cried. But I knew exactly why she was doing what she was doing. She opened my eyes to a new level of dedication and practice. She burned me and my ego down to ashes, but then helped me rise like a phoenix. I don't think I would have become a world champion in Pole Dance without her. I stayed with her for about 2 years, practicing regularly and tirelessly. However, this era came to an end, and I felt like I had learned enough from her and it was time to move on.

Amalia Mia Lang showing her Pincha / Elbowstand Progress. Stretching, Flexibility and Contortion Online. Privat Classes.
Amalia Mia Lang - Elbowstand Pincha Progress

Time to move on...

So, I started looking for contortion coaches online and began working with them almost 3-4 times a week. I went through a lot of coaches to gain a lot of knowledge from. For almost a whole year straight, I taught myself how to be a contortionist and also a contortion coach. I had a lot of setbacks and a lot of improvements, all of which came like a rollercoaster. I contorted a lot, until I managed to overtrain my body so badly that I couldn't even lie on a foam roller without pain. Especially my quadratus lumborum (muscle in the back) was so overworked that I burst into tears during practices. I went to doctors and physiotherapists, but nothing worked. Finally, I had to confess to myself that I was overtrained and needed a break. I took over two weeks off, from any sports really. It was the hardest thing for me, and I felt guilty for not practicing. BUT IT WAS THE BEST DECISION I MADE FOR MYSELF. Once I got back, everything was good again, and this was a big, big lesson for me. Although I lost some flexibility, I had built a strong foundation previously, so I knew I wouldn't need to start from point zero again.

Build your foundation first...

So, what can you learn from this post? Firstly, take all negative comments as motivation to improve. Secondly, don't overwork yourself. Flexibility and contortion is a journey, and the journey is more enjoyable than the goal! Also, don't start contortion by yourself. Look for a good coach and build a strong foundation first!

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