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Meet the Team - Alina Kotova - Choreographer and Pole Dance Instructor

Pole Dance Instructor Training in Baumholder Germany Deutschland - Werde Pole Dance Trainer

Today, we would like to introduce you to our new pole dance instructor and professional dancer and choreographer, Alina Kotova, who specializes in "The Art Of Heels."

Do you have any questions for Alina? Feel free to write them down in the comments below! 😉

Born and raised in the Ukraine

My name is Alina Kotova, and I was born and raised in Ukraine. Creativity and dancing have been a significant part of my life since my childhood. When I was 6, my mother decided to take me to the dancing school, and I realized I was in my element; dancing has become my life, my passion, my thing.

Since then, I’ve explored various dance styles and techniques, such as classical, hip-hop, ballroom, modern and folk dances from around the world.

Pole Dancer with Wings in the Sky

I decided to become a dance teacher

I graduated from the Pedagogical University of Choreography and became a dance teacher. I have worked in the theatre for 10 years, performing the main roles. I always develop myself and remain open to new opportunities.

I started with Pole Dance in 2016 and fell in love with it

In 2016, I discovered pole dancing, and I have been passionate about it ever since. It has been the most rewarding experience of my life, and I am proud to have become the champion of Ukraine in Art Pole Dancing.

I love the combination of strength, grace, femininity, aesthetics, self-expression, and individuality that this sport offers. It can be a remedy for various ailments and problems.

Aerial Hoop - beautiful aerialist flying above a lake

Now I am a Pole Dance / Art Of Heels Instructor at Zero Gravity Pole in Baumholder.

I enjoy helping people and assisting them in discovering new, special, beautiful, and happy things about themselves.

Beautiful Dancer doing a Jump in a long dress with long legs

My Successes:

2018 : 1st Place - Pole Art Ukraine - Pole Doubles

2018 : 1st Place - European Championship Aerial Hoop Doubles

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