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Meet The Team - Angelina Paige Rodgers "Pole Instructor & Artist" at Zero Gravity Pole

Also known as our "Angi". She is the youngest instructor and also professional pole artist and aerialist. She already has a Vice German Champion title in Pole Sport Solo Elite as a junior.

Beautiful Pole Dancer, Pole Instructor, Pole Artist and Aerialist.
Angelina Paige Rodgers

Her passion is to share her art, spirituality, love and wisdom with students, artists, collaborators, mentors and other performers in her shows and creative projects.​

Up in the air, that is and was her element.

Pole Trick Eagle
Eagle by Angelina Paige Rodgers

Angi Paige has always had an artistic and optimistic perspective on life. At the age of 3 she fell in love with acrobatics and sports and at the age of 4 when she moved to Germany she joined a cheerleading team. There she met Mia, the owner of Zero Gravity Pole Studio, and got used to being in the air and trusting her body.​After feeling that the cheerleading team had nothing more to teach her, she took up other sports like kickboxing, parkour, dancing, and basketball, but her goal was to find her spark again, which she eventually achieved through pole dancing.​

The first pole dance championship...

Backbend Oversplit on the Wall - Contortion

Her pole dancing career started with proving something to her mother, who used to pole dance. The mother bragged about it and Angi proved that she could do a trick in 5 minutes, which she did. Mia saw that and saw her great potential, so she started training for a competition and after just a few months of training, she placed second. A few months later, she managed to take second place at the national championship. This was very exciting for her because she had found her spark again, but this time her goal was to find her own style and personality in her art, so she stopped competing.​

With Pole Dance she found the way to express herself, her art and her creativity! Pole Instructor Angi

Straddle and Middlesplit on the Wall, insane flexibility and balance.

Once she found a way to express herself through her art, she began to network and collaborate with artists from all walks of life, as well as performing and modeling. And now she is also a pole artist.​"Ever since I was little, I've wanted to create art and unite people by giving everyone a moment of stillness and letting people see who they really are. Everyone has weaknesses and beauty and that's nothing to be ashamed of It's what makes us human and special.



  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place


  • Vice German Champion Junior Elite - Pole Sport - German Pole Sport Championship

  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place


  • Steel on Fire - Kids & Teens - 2nd place

2010-2016: Various national champion titles in cheerleading and hip hop Trainer of the category PeeWee Cheer and Junior Cheer

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