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Pole Dance Tips & Tricks Series - Shoulder Mount

The Shoulder Mount is an impressive intermediate trick that many students aspire to master. However, many students struggle with learning it.

To address this, we have started a series featuring our coaches' favorite pole dance tips and tricks.

Let's dive right into the shouldermount!

To perform a shouldermount, you need a good amount of upper-body strength, as well as adequate core strength and engagement of the hip flexor muscles. It's important to note that a degree of pain tolerance is necessary, as the pole can push into a trigger point in your trapezius muscle, which can be quite painful at first. But don't worry, you will get used to it quickly.

Before attempting a Shoulder Mount, it is important to have successfully mastered the basic invert and, if possible, feel comfortable with aerial inverting.

In this video, Studio Owner Amalia Mia Lang explains the following pole dance tips and tricks for the shouldermount:

  1. Pull your elbows together and down to initiate the lift through your chest and upper back.

  2. Roll from your hips and engage your abs.

  3. Focus on the descent to improve your shouldermount deadlift.

And exclusively for you, our blog readers:

  1. Keep your hands closer to your head than you might think.

  2. Look up, not back or down.

  3. Keep your shoulder pulled into the pole.

  4. Don't kick forward, but upwards.

Would you like to know more about the shouldermount? Ask us questions in the comments below.

Any wishes for the next tutorials? Comment down below as well!

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