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Preparing for a pole dance photo shoot - tips, tricks and planning

No matter whether you have been a pole dancer for a long time or have only recently started, you will quickly notice that photographing and filming your tricks and choreographies is an advantage in documenting your progress. If you ever get tired of taking snapshots or screenshots from videos during training, you'll probably want to take part in a professional shoot to showcase your skills.

But how do you best prepare for it?

Outdoor Pole Dance Photoshoot - Girl with Wings and High Heels
Vicky Daeges - at her outdoor pole dance photoshoot

Preparation is everything! This is how your pole dance photo shoot will be a success!

In order to achieve the best possible results on the day of the pole dance photo shoot, it is important to make a precise plan in advance of how the shoot should proceed. It's best to write everything down carefully in a notebook or on your smartphone.


What topic should your shoot have? Do you want something sporty, sexy or something completely unusual? Dark art, sensual or completely natural? There are basically no limits to your imagination. Ideally, discuss with the photographer what exactly you have in mind.


Where should the shooting take place? Inside or outside and what conditions will prevail on site? If the shoot is outside or, for example, at a so-called Lost Place always consider whether you need permission to use the location.

Pole Dance Superman Trick Photoshoot Indoor Low Light Girl Colorful
Superman by Vicky

Tricks & Poses

Make a list of the tricks and poses you would like to perform. Here, focus on tricks that you have already mastered. Often “simpler” tricks, when executed cleanly and elegantly, look better than tricks from the higher levels, which do not fit perfectly. Despite all the effort, it is also important to look as relaxed as possible. Think of nice poses that you can do on the floor

can. This means you don't have to jump from one strenuous trick to the next, but you can divide your strength. But be careful: even beautiful posing can be damn tiring! You can find plenty of inspiration on the internet and common apps. Save your favorites so that you can access them quickly and collected on the day of the shoot. Once you know what exactly you want to show, try to put your tricks and poses in an order. The strenuous and difficult things should come at the beginning, because your strength will most likely dwindle.


Try to practice your tricks and poses as often as possible. In addition to a clean execution, pay close attention to the details: face, hands, feet, stretched legs, shoulders, etc. If you don't book special training specifically for the shoot, ask your coach to pay attention to the details. Take photos and look closely at what you can do better. Make sure your limbs are at nice angles.

Outfit and accessories

Think carefully about how you want your look to look in the photos. Do you want to wear your normal Pole clothing or something more unusual? Many things are possible - but always consider whether your trick will work in this clothing and test it out first. You can also achieve special effects with accessories. Possible options include fog, colorful light, balloons, fairy lights, flowers or soap bubbles (just don't soap the poles ;)). Get everything you want to use in good time.

Beautiful Girl doing a Pole Dance Shooting with flying Fabric

On the day of the PoleDance photo shoot


If you've never done a pole dance shoot before, you'll be surprised at how strenuous it is. Doing as many poses in the best possible execution in a short period of time will put a strain on your body. Go to bed early the night before so that you can start the day well-rested and early. People often skip a meal before shoots to avoid a bloated stomach. However, this is not advisable, as your balanced and healthy breakfast will give you

will help you use your strength reserves. A light but wholesome breakfast will help you achieve a great result. Also remember to drink water.

Hair & Make Up

Take enough time to create your look before the shoot. If you want special makeup, try it out first. Coloring your nails, hair, etc. is best done the day before. If you don't prefer a natural look, keep in mind that heavier make-up is often necessary for photos. Avoid body lotion and hand cream.

Companion person

A companion may be important not only for your safety, but also to have someone to help you with tricks & poses. The accompanying person can straighten your hair upside down, hand you accessories or throw scarves. She can turn the poles to the right angle and remind you of a relaxed face.

Outdoor Pole Dance Janeiro, two beautiful girls in dresses

Get things ready

Prepare everything you need. Your notes, photos of tricks & poses and your outfits and accessories. This prevents you from frantically searching through bags and wasting valuable time.

Warm up

Remember to get to the location early to do a thorough warm-up. A good warm-up and stretching will help you get into your poses and prevent injuries. Remember to wear warm and comfortable clothing if you have to wait so that you don't get cold.

During the shoot

The most important thing: don't stress yourself out. If you have prepared well and followed the points described, little can go wrong. Use enough grip and play good music. If you feel uncomfortable, don't hesitate to say what's bothering you. It's your shoot and the results should be great.

beautiful African American pole dancer smiling and being happy

Have fun with your pole dance photo shoot!

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