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Reasons not to quit!

You're been stretching/training/working out/pole dancing for several years so. You went thought it all: the first exciting discoveries, the learning experience, the downfalls, the good and the bad days. You conquered your fears, you pushed yourself past your limits, you gained unforeseen self confidence, and maybe you even competed.

YOU, as an adult, did something what man never even dare to try: going against "Common Sense", against what other think is reckless and impossible! BUT YOU DID IT!

But what now?

As time goes by you might ask yourself, how do I keep my motivation up?! How do I keep improving my skills and make sure I don't get injured?

I know people quit. I know sometimes people just want the "pain of training" and the body nagging here and there to end.

Also skills get repetitive, but you want more. You crave the training "hight", but as you got pretty good, now to get that "High" you're craving will take your to work really hard.

Already just that you are thinking about all of this, means that you started shifting your focus on what's becoming important: Continue your training- and learning journey, while taking more care or you'd body. And as you go, start listening to your mind even more, and make peace with the fact, that you're not the person you were a year ago.

It's a constant transformation.

As you change, so your trainings and your goals must change.

And then, most importantly, don't forget to keep asking yourself: WHAT MOTIVATED YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE?!

Was it learning things you didn't believe or know you could do, a new trick?

Maybe use the same motivation but shift it slightly.

Maybe you try to perfect the skills you know, master them on both sides, and learn as much new entry and exits. Master the breathing in those poses, and learn to be aware of all the muscles that are involved. Maybe even decide, if this pose is still okay with your body?!

So if at first you were just happy to get that pose, now you’ll learn all about it, and how it connects within your body, what are your feelings and sensations related to this pose.

What you always should do:

  1. Respect your uniqueness. Nobody else is you. What others are doing doesn’t matter, because their background, history, experience, goals, body proportions, injuries and so on, aren’t YOURS.

  2. If some aspects of your training don’t work anymore, CHANGE THEM. There are few poses I used to do I don’t do now, but also there are few poses I wasn’t doing before that I do now! Adapt your training to your currents needs.

You are not alone in this way of thinking, so many people go constantly through the same cycle. Just keep going, remind yourself why and where you started and adapt to your new self and change what needs to be changed.

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