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Don't wear lotion on your pole days...

How often have you heard this phrase, coming either from your instructor or your fellow pole mate. How often have I written this in messages, to our first times. And while this is quite true, and has to be considered, there is way more to it, that has to be plained in detail!.

Healthy Skin Grips, by Pole Physics
Healthy Skin Grips

So, what is the fuzz about?! Why shouldn't you wear lotion on your pole days and what are the solutions, if you "need" Lotion. Let´s dive into it!

Your skin produces naturally a small layer of oil.

Even without any lotion, your skin produces a small layer of oil on top of your skin, and this is not bad at all, actually its even beneficial to "stick" to the pole.

If the pole is dry, as well as your skin, you will simply not get that friction to grip the pole nicely. Especially if the pole are already well broken in, like in the most studios.

So with using a lotion the day of, or even the night before you would add too much of an oil layer too it. And the student sharing the pole with you, or the student after you will thank you...or not for it.

Regular Lotions

The normal lotions you buy, usually contain either Shea Butter or Almond-Oil, to give you this amazing and smooth feeling after a nice hot shower. But those lotions are not good ones to use before or on a pole day.

So, for quite a while I have been looking for something to still moisturises my skin, something that gives me the smooth and soft feeling, as well as something that does good for my grip.

Some recommendations would be "The Body Sorbet" by The Body Shop or the Cornhuskers Lotion, or simply an Aloe Vera Based Lotion.

For me since I tend to get dry skin, especially during the winter. Putting lotion on after every shower is a must! I also really enjoy the feeling of freshly moisturised skin and all the benefits its brings.

Anywho, I was never completely satisfied with those products, the Body Sorbet is quite amazing, but its now almost impossible to get.

"Healthy Skin Grips ." – Pole Physics

Lotion for Pole Dancers - SAY WHAT? YES YOU HEARD RIGHT!

So recently I remembered that I used to buy a specific Lotion made for Pole Dancers, right when I opened up my studio. I remembered that I only quit using it, because X-Pole UK was not selling It anymore. So I decided to look that brand up again.

It was not hard for my, because I could remember the name of the brand, it stuck to my head quite nicely.

When I found the page, I was so surprised because the business grew quite a bit, and it offers now a variety of lotions, literally for every skin type.

As well as some more products. But check it our for yourself:

Why not make more out of your Lotion?

I browsed quite a while on the website and read trough every Lotion, but one Lotion caught my eye almost immediately!

The Arnica & Green Tea one!

naturally soothing your pole kisses
Arnica & Green Tea - By Pole Physics

Because why not, help your Pole Kisses while moisturising and hydrating your skin at the same time?! For me it was a no brainer, and I decided to give it a shot.

Arnica & Green Tea Lotion

I've been using this Lotion for about 3 Weeks now, and it inspired me to write this post. I simply love everything about this lotion.

Firstly I adore the smell, its mellow not all up in your fave and for me it's a super calming smell, especially winding down for bed after a training or teaching.

Secondly I love that the bottle is upside down, because I keep all my Lotions upside down anyway.

Thirdly the texture is really thick, so you really don't need a big amount to cover your full body, it soaks into your skin fast and is not leaving you with a greasy feeling.

And lastly but most importantly it helps you with a good grip on the pole, I'm actually super amazed by how well it performed. Especially during those rainy cold winter days, for me its a live safer!

I must say it even beat me favourite body skin product, which was the Dry Oil from FreSkin!

I am in love, so I had to share it with you!

Also its an all natural lotion, so there is no harm for you! It's not a grip aid, but for me its functioning just like one! Without all those chemicals!

Wanna check it out?! Any more questions?

If you're looking for the right product for you skin, you should definitely check out PolePhysics, I know its not the cheapest lotion there is, but for me its worth it!

I´m currently asking the company for an affiliate Link or Discount Code! So, browse trough the site, ask me anything in the comments. And I will keep you updated with the Code or Link!

All Natural Body Lotions For Polers & Aerialists
Grip Naturally

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