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Contortion by Zero Gravity
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Contortion By Mia

Welcome To 
Zero Gravity Contortion - Contortion By Mia  

I'm a Flexibility/Contortion Coach, licensed Physical-therapist , Aerialist and Studio Owner. 

I´m really passionate about flexibility, contortion and circus arts in general. And love to teach everything I learned and explored. 

Coming from a non natural flexible background, I started Contortion really late and I know the struggles as an adult to increase flexibility and mobility to very deep end ranges. My goal is to help you get flexible in a safe and secure way.

You can take online contortion classes with me, either in a group or private. I offer also flexibility classes and privates for all levels, as well as Pole Tutorials. 

Your contortion training online!


I've been training with Mia for less than a year. Despite the short time she's coaching me, I've seen so much progress. She's very well educated, she explaines everything and makes me forget that she's not in the room with me. Her classes are very interesting and every time she works on our personal goals. Always motivating and caring and I can tell that she really loves her job. Do yourself a favor and have a class with her!

What I offer

Private Coaching & group classes

Group Class Videos

Mini e-books and tutorials

Online private and group classes

Workshop for your studio online or live

Contortion classes by Mia

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